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Advanced Defense Travel Administrator – 4 Day Hands-on Training


Date Location Registration
Jan 29 - Feb 01 Chesapeake, VA Register
Jun 04 - 07 Chesapeake, VA Register

This four-day training course is designed for the more experienced Defense Travel Administrator (DTA) and a refresher for the DTA whose role broadens with policy changes. This training provides lectures, demonstrations, and internal reviews that require the correct permission levels and access to DTS.

Subject matter experts will be available to assist the DTA with DTS processes and provide guidance to complex issues regarding structural changes, questions regarding policy, system functionality and System Problem Reports (SPRs) including workarounds.

The training course concludes with reports, helpful guides, contacting the Travel Assistance Center/TRAX, and a certificate of training.

Introduction and Overview

  • Administrative Remarks
  • Overview of DTS System Changes
  • Guides and Resources
  • Travel Assistance Center (TAC)

Login Issues

  • Multiple Profile
  • Login Errors and Corrections
  • Demonstrations of Troubleshooting
  • Discussion

Lines of Accounting and Budgets

  • Cross Organization Funding
  • Shared Lines of Accounting
  • Wild Card LOA and Budgets
  • Mass Updates
  • Budget Reports
  • Demonstrations
  • Discussion


  • Reject Procedures
  • SPR for Rejects
  • Workarounds
  • Discussion

Groups and GGMR

  • Creating Groups
  • GGMR and Correcting GGMR
  • Individual Group Membership Benefits and Issues
  • Practical Demonstration
  • Discussion


  • Why?
  • Organization and Access
  • Practical Demonstration
  • Discussion

Routing Lists

  • Updating
  • Routing for XORG
  • Travel Mode
  • Practical Demonstration
  • Discussion

Policy Regarding Travel

  • Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) Changes
  • DoDI 5154.31
  • Policy and System Changes
  • Questions/Answers

Document Processing

  • Mistakes by Traveler/User
  • Mistakes by AO
  • Policy and System Changes
  • System Issues
  • Practical Exercise

Approval Failure

  • Causes
  • Practical Demonstration

Commercial Travel Office (CTO) / Travel Management Company (TMC)

  • System Issues
  • Mistakes
  • Discussion

Debt Management Monitor (DMM)

  • Causes
  • Steps for Collection
  • Practical Demonstration
  • Discussion


  • Report Scheduler
  • Weekly Reports
  • Practical Demonstration
  • Discussion

Internal Audits

  • Reports
  • Accountable Documents
  • In and Out Process
  • Training Plan
  • Discussion


  • SIM Report
  • Process, Purpose and Escalations
  • Discussion

Travel Assistance Center/Travel Explorer

  • TRAX Demonstration
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