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CACI Course Details
Course Number Course Title Facility Requirements Maximum Number of Students Course Length Number of Instructors
SCIF* Unclass Secure Preferred Student Computer Required
SA-2300 ELINT Foundations   Yes Yes   20 2 weeks 2
SA-2310 Introduction to MARTES Digital Analysis   Yes Yes Yes 12 1 week 2
SA-3300 Applied MARTES   Yes Yes Yes 12 2 weeks 2
SA-3310 a.k.a. SIGE3850 ESP for Analysts Yes     Yes 6 4 days 1
SA-3340 Pulse Doppler Analysis Yes     Yes 12 1 week 2
SA-3360 a.k.a. SIGE3840 Electronic Attack Analysis Yes     Yes 12 3 days 2
SA-3380 a.k.a. SIGE3001 Radar Analysis Workstation   Yes Yes Yes Variable 1-5 days 1
SA-3390 Introduction to MATLAB® Programming   Yes   Yes 12 1 week 2
SA-4300 Antennas and Advanced Scan/Beam Analysis   Yes Yes Yes 12 4 days 2
SA-4320 Radar Modules   Yes Yes   20 1 week 2
SA-4350 MATLAB® Programming for Technical ELINT Analysis   Yes Yes Yes 12 1 week 2
SA-9300 Advanced Seminar Variable
SA-9310 Ad Hoc Training/Consulting Variable

* Registrants must have an active TS/SI security clearance.

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