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SA-9300 Advanced Seminars

Who Should Attend

These seminars are intended for beginning-to-intermediate level analysts desiring an introduction to an advanced topic, or an experienced analyst trying to broaden their skill set. These one- to two-day seminars can be taken individually or combined to create a week of custom training.


Seminar Description Length
Analog and Digital Signal Collection This course is designed to introduce both digital and analog collection positions. The course transitions from collection fundamentals to performing preliminary (quick-look) analysis. Finally, the course introduces and discusses advanced collection techniques. 2 days
Beam Structure Recovery Analysis Using LEO or P3 (conventional) data to isolate and make beam structure measurements. Includes theory with specific examples of ELINT observables. 2 days
BSTAIRS Overview A refresher and overview of the advanced and interpretive processing capabilities (e.g., coherent integration, histogram tagging, ambiguity diagrams) of the BSTAIRS tool suite. 1 day
JRAW Application An overview of the Java-based Radar Analysis Workstation with modules to model and estimate radar detection, MTI capabilities, MTAR waveforms, PSK sequences and more. JRAW provides the analyst an easy way to model and estimate key radar system capabilities. 1 day
PRF Selection Algorithm Introduction to PRF selection algorithm recovery. Exploitation of PRF sequence associated with range-eclipse avoidance can provide such information as max/min range of track initiation, max/min range of target track, max/min target radial velocity and critical points in track process. 1 day
Range and Doppler Corridor Analysis Overview of the theory incorporated into corridor plots provides a basis for study of the wide range of different target tracking methods employed by radar systems. Emphasis is placed on exercises providing practice in determining corridors and extracting information derived from corridor plots. 1 day
Shift Register Generators Introduction to binary sequence analysis. Topics include binary number representations, binary counters, PSK, PRI and RF sequence generation using SRGs. Hands-on exercises and real world case studies using SRGs for parameter sequences. 1 day
Wideband Signals Analysis Discussion is comprised of wideband theory and analytic tool applications. Topics focus on purposes of wideband systems, wideband vs. AESA technology, coherency and detection challenges, RF agility types, wideband mapping functions and wideband tracking functions. Analytic tools introduced and used for characterizing wideband signals include MARTES and X-MIDAS. 2 days

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Scan Analysis for Electronically Steered Arrays - Isolate scan beams and determine number of beams per scan using MR_SCAN (ASPEN application) or Modes.

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