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SA-4350 MATLAB® Programming for TechELINT Analysis

SA-4350 graphic

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for intermediate to advanced signals analysts who have a working knowledge of MATLAB®. Completion of SA-3390, Introduction to MATLAB Programming or equivalent experience is required.

Course Description

This intensive five-day course is focused on addressing intermediate to advanced TechELINT concepts using the Matrix Laboratory (MATLAB) software environment. Topics include

  • Time/frequency series representations
  • Application of data transforms (e.g., FFT, Hilbert)
  • Data correlation
  • Categorizing waveforms
  • Synthesizing PRI selection algorithms
  • Shift register generator (SRG) modeling
  • Antenna performance estimation
  • Beam fitting and demodulation techniques for various signals (e.g., PSK, FSK, MSK, PCM)

The course emphasizes the application of MATLAB functionality to solve specific TechELINT analysis problems.

Course Topics

  • Digital Signal Processing Applications
  • Intrapulse/Interpulse Analysis
  • Sequence Analysis
  • Antenna/Scan Analysis
  • Command and Guidance Demodulation
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