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SA-4320 Radar Modules

SA-4320 graphic

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for analysts desiring to further their understanding of radar subsystem configurations and how to use results obtained from ELINT analysis to infer radar design features and expected performance. Additionally, this course is useful to persons with experience in other areas of radar signal analysis who wish to increase their knowledge of analytic techniques used in exploiting airborne, land-based or shipboard weapon systems.

Course Description

Radar Modules is a five-day course comprised of principles of radar systems and subsystem-by-subsystem analysis. The functions for each subsystem are described, and the features of each subsystem that can be derived from analysis and interpretation of ELINT data are presented. Rule-of-thumb approximations are given to provide working values when ELINT data is either not available or is not applicable for performance estimates.

Course Topics

  • Overview of Interpretive ELINT Analysis
  • Antenna Subsystems
  • Transmitter Subsystems
  • Receiver/Signal Processor Subsystems
  • Microwave Subsystems
  • Computer Subsystems
  • Displays and Controls Subsystems
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