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SA-3380 Radar Analysis Workstation

SA-3380 graphic

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for ELINT analysts who desire a greater understanding of the performance of specific radars through the use of JRAW (Java Radar Analysis Workstation), a tool created for radar performance estimation.

Course Description

In Radar Analysis Workstation training a general tool overview is presented to the class as a whole, followed by a review of the radar range equation for those who need it. Next, one- to two-hour hands on sessions are conducted for each student to input one or two of their radars of interest into JRAW and to discuss the specific radar performance issues revealed.

The training can be extended or compressed based on the number of students and their experience levels. The course is typically planned for one to five days, depending on the number of students being trained and the level of detail desired by the sponsor.

Course Topics

  • Radar Performance
  • Beam Coverage Diagram
  • Range Estimates
  • Intraburst Modulation Effects
  • Range-Doppler Matrix
  • Interfacing to Other Tools
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