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SA-3310 ESP for Analysts

SA-3310 graphic

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for ELINT analysts desiring an introduction to the ELINT Screening Position (ESP) tool and its application to TechELINT analysis.

Course Description

ESP for Analysts is a four-day course designed to introduce ELINT analysts to the signal viewing and analysis capabilities of the ESP application. Emphasis is placed on data screening, data reduction, pulse train de-interleaving and signal extraction. The course provides instruction on these tasks and presents techniques to perform basic measurements as well.

SA-3310 is presented in an interactive format, with instructor led demonstrations and student exercises. At the end of the course students are encouraged to bring their own data to class to practice the newly acquired techniques under instructor supervision.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to ESP
  • ESP Core Components
    • Executive
    • Visual file reprocessor
    • Smart scrollbar
    • Real time display
  • ESP Data Specific Components
    • DIF, PDW and SDW displays
    • Spectral displays
  • Data Reduction and Extraction
  • Graphical Analysis Report
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