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SA-3300 Applied MARTES

SA-3300 graphic

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for ELINT analysts desiring a deeper understanding of MARTES ELINT tools. The course further emphasizes radar signal theory while incorporating MARTES tool applications. This course is intended to serve as the base course to all of CACI's specialized analysis courses.

Course Description

Applied MARTES is a ten-day course designed to combine radar signal theory with ELINT-based MARTES applications. The course is intended to fill the training void between learning radar and signal theory and the ability to apply that knowledge to digital analysis. The theme of the course is the presentation of theory and then application of that theory to MARTES tools (BSTAIRS, MOCKINGBIRD and more), with synthetic or sponsor provided signals to strengthen understanding of analysis procedures and processing techniques.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to MARTES Tools
  • The Analysis Process
  • Signal Examination and Processing
  • Signal Characterization
  • Interpulse Modulation Analysis
  • Intrapulse Modulation Analysis
  • Wideband Analysis
  • Pulsed Doppler Analysis
  • Scan Analysis
  • Statistical/Stability Analysis
  • Miscellaneous Techniques and Tools
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