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Common Bench-Top Automatic Test Set (CBATS)
Common Bench-Top Automatic Test Set (CBATS)
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CBATS Specifications and Benefits

Leading the Way in Proven Performance and Unmatched Value

CBATS is designed to allow customers the flexibility to conduct unit under test (UUT) end-item testing with unique/specialized Test Program Set (TPS) products for a wide range of avionic applications. It serves as a versatile base component that has the capability to work with the unique interface requirements, interface cables, and specialized test procedure software for virtually any end-item TPS. Test software and the unique interface cables currently exist for many aircraft avionics systems. Other unique physical interfaces and test software requirements may be addressed as a part of the TPS, as required. These may be provided by the customer, developed by CACI, or developed by other vendors based on the CBATS interface documentation.

CBATS was designed for a lower initial investment. It has a small footprint (PXI-based), flexible hardware configurations, spare slots for expansion, and adaptation to test a variety of UUTs.

Proven Testing Capability Across Multiple Weapon Systems Variants and Generations

Numerous CBATS testers and associated Test Program Sets currently support U.S. Air Force avionics repair shops at Air Force bases in the U.S. and overseas, performing a wide range of critical testing functions for aerospace weapons systems. CBATS also has the flexibility to support the testing needs of shipboard and land-based equipment in all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces as well as to meet civilian requirements.

Replacement of Obsolete Test Systems

CBATS is a proven ATE solution for replacing the following obsolete test systems:

  • COMETS (F-15 EAIC Workload)
  • 980L Tester
  • DTS-70 (PSDP)
  • TS-29
  • Hytrol Field Test Unit
  • CPU-27/A and CPU-4/A Field Test Set
  • Electronic Control Amplifier Test Set
  • Master Indicator Control Cabinet Tester
  • Vertical Scale Instruments System Test Set
  • Schlumberger S740
  • HSI Test Console
  • Meter Movement Test Stand
  • Hytrol Detector Test Bench
  • MD-1 Fuel Quantity Tester
  • Flight Director Computer Test Set
  • True Airspeed Mach Computer Tester
  • Electrical Null Checking Test Panel
  • Alpha Mach System Analyzer Test Set

The CBATS family integrates individual UUT database storage record of historical maintenance lifecycle/metrics.


CBATS has Proven Extensive Switching for both signal and power lines for digital multimeters, high-speed digitizer, data acquisition, counter/timer functions, and accessible USB ports to extend capabilities. It was designed to accommodate programmable controls such as a 28VDC Power Supply, 400HZ Power Control, Synchro/Resolver Controller, the Virginia Panel Corporation Series-90 Receiver, and FPGA to create synthetic instruments.

PerpetuATETM Software Architecture

Full standardized instrument libraries are available and aid in reduction of test software development time.

Digital eXtension Roll-up (DXR)

The DXR is a dedicated unit that interfaces with CBATS 101 or 201 test sets, has 192 digital I/O and bidirectional capabilities, and supports manual and automated diagnostic probing. Five independent programmable DC power slots supply up to a total of 1,650 watts accessible on the DXR. CACI's DXR also has software tools for translating (importing) LASAR tap files for test pattern and diagnostic information.


Variable warranty packages can be optioned at the customer's request. The CBATS system service warranty is an optional purchase that can be made by CACI in support of the end customer. If available, National Instruments procured for future CBATS systems may be added to the service agreement on a quarterly pro-rated basis at the time of purchase for all remaining quarters, inclusive of the current quarter, to the co-terminus end date of March 31, 2027. Any service warranty purchased shall commence upon the delivery of the product(s) to the end customer. This optional purchase is available on the CBATS Model 101, Model 201 and the Digital eXtension Roll-up (DXR) test set.

COTS Hardware Solution

Seamless integration with RegenerATETM output supports both functional and diagnostic testing, and thorough self-test reduces system MTTR (Mean Time to Repair). CACI's utilization of software-driven system calibration is a fielded, proven solution with long-term maintenance options.

CBATS Aircraft Instruments Current and Near-term Test Capability:

  • Airspeed/Vertical Speed/AoA Indicator (C-5, KC-135, A-10, F-15, F-16, B-2)
  • Alpha/Mach Computer (B-52, A-10)
  • Angle of Attack Transmitter (F-15, KC-135)
  • Anti-Skid Control Units (E-3A, KC-135, C-130, B-52, C-5A, F-15)
  • Attitude Director Indicator (A-10, C-5, C-130, F-15, F-16, T-38, E-3B, E-3C)
  • Bearing Distance Heading Indicator (C-141, E-3B/C)
  • Caution Light Controls (C-130, F-15)
  • Compass System Amplifier (B-52, C-130, KC-135)
  • Compass Course Indicator (EC-130, KC-135)
  • Control Display Unit (A-10)
  • Digital Data Processing Unit (A-10)
  • Dimming Control (KC-135, B-52)
  • Engine Fire/Overheat Warning Control (C-5, KC-135)
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature Indicator (C-5, C-130)
  • Flight Data Acquisition Unit (C-130)
  • Flight Directional Computers (C-130, B-52, T-38)
  • Flight Directional Indicator (KC-135)
  • Fuel Quantity Indicators (EC-130, F-15, F-16, KC-130)
  • Horizontal Situation Indicator (B-1, A-10, C-130, C-5, C-141, T-38, F-16)
  • HUD Control Panel (F-16)
  • Liquid Oxygen Quantity Indicators (A-10, B-52, C-5, C-130, E-3, E-8, F-15, F-16, KC-135, T-38)
  • Master Indicator (B-52)
  • Magnetic Slaved Directional Gyro Compass System Amplifier (B-52)
  • Steering Computers (KC-135, E-3B, E-3C)
  • Warning Monitor (KC-135)
  • Wheel Speed Indicator Transducer (C-130, F-15, B-1, B-2, B-52)

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