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Common Bench-Top Automatic Test Set (CBATS)
Common Bench-Top Automatic Test Set (CBATS)
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The DXR test set was designed to augment the testing capabilities of the CBATS Model 201 by adding 192 channels of digital input/output and five programmable DC supplies. The DXR test set has a Virginia Panel Corporation G12 Receiver Frame that routes all of the digital I/O channels and the DC supplies to a physical interface. CBATS DXR

Test resources from the CBATS Model 201 are connected directly to the Interface Device via a cable assembly originating from the J102 connection on the CBATS Model 201 Interface Test Adapter (ITA).

The DXR test set rack assembly is comprised of a top surface for mounting CBATS 201, EMO Switch, Cabinet Height Rack, and fold-out work surfaces. Integration of National Instruments components is comprised of an 18-slot PXIe Chassis containing eight NI PXIe-6555 DIO modules, an NI Express Bus MXI interface, and NI Ethernet Module.

In addition, the DXR utilizes the Virginia Panel G12 3U Receiver Interface and Elgar Modular Power Supply. The power supply has five independent software-programmable DC power supplies and a DC power supply rated at 0-65 VDC/5.1 amps (330 watts). The DXR also utilizes the Marway Power Distribution Unit.

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