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Common Bench-Top Automatic Test Set (CBATS)
Common Bench-Top Automatic Test Set (CBATS)
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CBATS 211 Ruggedized

CACI recognized a need for a ruggedized CBATS to support a field testing capability for forward-deployed units. We leveraged the knowledge developed with our CBATS Model 101 and 201 test systems to develop a ruggedized tester that includes versatility for multiple platforms, is adaptive to I/O interfaces for legacy testers, supports vertical test capability (O-level, I-level, and Depot) and addresses lessons learned for several fielded O-level test systems.

CBATS 211 Advantages: The CBATS 101 and 201 capabilities are combined in the CBATS 211 as a single unit with an ITA-adaptive interface. Using MIL-PRF 28800 Class I standards, the CBATS 211 is ruggedized, environmentally sealed, and temperature controlled and meets Dual MIL-STD 1553 requirements.

Switching Capabilities: With the combined capabilities of the CBATS 101 and 201, the CBATS 211 also has a higher switch-matrix current (2.0 A versus 0.5 A), and includes switches and monitors Three Phase 400 HZ with power switches up to 10A. The CBATS 211 has programmable constant current loads of 2 to 35 VDC, setting from 10mA to 7.0 ADC (pulsed power), and better than 2 percent setting accuracy (ongoing testing). In addition, the CBATS 211 has increased 28 VDC power with multiple outputs up to 8 ADC.

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