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Common Bench-Top Automatic Test Set (CBATS)
Common Bench-Top Automatic Test Set (CBATS)
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Core Capabilities

CACI's Aerospace Solutions Group offers high-performing, best-value electromechanical systems/subsystems and test solutions to government and commercial customers. We develop the programmatic, engineering, and logistics infrastructure for these solutions, providing distinctive and recognized performance advantages to our customers. Our automated test capabilities include:

  • Test System Design and Development: We provide legacy test system modernization. Using technology insertion, re-hosting legacy test system software on new platforms is a tested and proven accomplishment. By combining Automated Test Equipment (ATE) capabilities while reducing ATE footprint, we have developed proven Test Program Set (TPS) designs.
  • Reverse Engineering: Our team develops software data packages for obsolete and unsupported systems and components while maintaining form, fit, function, and integration characteristics. Where legacy systems do not meet current standards, CACI will improve legacy design, when identified, and provide system re-design for long-term support.
  • Turnkey Solutions: CACI solves design and development engineering problems to provide superior, ready-to-use hardware and software packages. Using system hardware prototyping and production, we are a leader in software development and documentation. This includes engineering data packages, technical data packages, and technical manual development. Our technical drawings follow the strict Standards of ASME Y14 for commercial products and DID DI-SESS-81003C for the government.
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