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AcquiLine' PRweb

AcquiLine' PRweb is a direct paperless channel between a customer and a contract organization's PD2 database. AcquiLine provides a low cost, integrated solution that operates on thin client PCs to over 25,000 users across the DoD. Customers can create PRs, with attachments, for supplies and services directly from their desktop web browsers.

After creating the PR users can route it to other AcquiLine PRweb users in their organization for approval and fund certification - all according to locally defined business practices.

The Benefits of AcquiLine PRweb Include

  • Seamless integration with the Standard Procurement System (SPS) resulting in elimination of data reentry
  • Immediate PR routing resulting in significantly reduced cycle times. On average, PRs make their way to contracting five days earlier than through a paper-based process
  • Instantly available solicitation, award and milestone information. No longer will the customer requestor lose sight of the PR.
  • Intuitive web-based technology - most users are trained using a seven-step trifold
  • Browser-based - no client software needed
  • Reduced costs by approximately $40 per PR by significantly reducing labor and transit costs
  • Capable of shipboard and contingency operations for global procurement
  • Secure transmission via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Simplified accounting string input through the parsing tool
  • More accurate data - data reentry errors eliminated

PRweb Clients

  • 76 server sites within the Army including
    • TRADOC
    • INSCOM
    • MEDCOM
    • EUSA
    • AMC
    • ARCENT
    • USARSO
    • MDW
    • TSD Orlando
    • China Lake

Purchasing PRweb

PRweb is available on the GSA schedule. Pricing is based on three criteria

  1. Server Licenses - the license needed to run the PRweb server. There is a one-to-one relationship between server licenses and SPS servers.
  2. User Licenses - the total number of active users (e.g., system accounts) that will be using the system
  3. Implementation Services - although the software is intuitive, sites typically need assistance with redefining their business processes, training, implementation and support

PRweb requires a relational database to operate - not included in GSA license.

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