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FedSelect – Source Selection Support

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Fielding FedSelect - the Federal Government's Product of Choice

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CACI's Source Selection Support Team is dedicated to facilitating your source selections. Our team is made up of highly educated, qualified people, all of whom are former government acquisition professionals.

We are uniquely experienced to provide advice and counseling from acquisition planning through post-award.

Competitive Procurement Support Team Checklist

1. FedSelect Support
  a. Installation
b. Set up evaluation architecture
c. FedSelect training
d. FedSelect support and administration
2. Requirements Definition
  a. Draft/review SOO/SOW
b. Draft/review labor matrices
3. Acquisition Planning
  a. Assist in developing acquisition strategy
b. Draft/review Acquisition Plan
c. Assist in developing Acquisition Strategy Panel materials
4. Solicitation Materials
  a. Assist in developing effective evaluation factors
b. Draft/review Source Selection Plan
c. Draft/review Request for Proposals and attachments
5. Evaluation Support
  a. Host evaluations at CACI facility
b. Provide source selection process training for evaluation teams
c. Support/facilitate evaluation process
d. Review evaluator comments for consistency with evaluation criteria
e. Support/facilitate caucus sessions
f. Support discussions and competitive range process
g. Support Final Proposal Revision process
6. Post-Evaluation Support
  a. Draft/review Award Decision documentation – Award Decision Briefing
b. Draft/review Award Decision documentation – Award Decision Document
c. Draft/review Award Decision documentation – Proposal Analysis Report
7. Award Documentation
  a. Draft/review contract award documents
b. Draft/review debriefings
c. Support debriefings to unsuccessful offerors
d. Support post-award conference to successful offerors
e. Build contract file and turn over to Contract Specialist or Contracting Officer
8. Other
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