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FedSelect – IT Support, Requirements

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Fielding FedSelect - the Federal Government's Product of Choice

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  • Professional IT support Help Desk available to answer security and configuration questions
    • Help Desk hours of operation 0800 – 1700
  • Software setup is fully configurable by an Administrator without requiring onsite CACI personnel
  • 508 compliant


  • Processor – Pentium PC
  • RAM – 64 MB min.
  • Disk space
    • Server – 15 MB min.
    • PC – 50 MB min.


  • Operating system – Window XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista
  • Development environment – Microsoft Access 9.0
  • Databases supported – Access, SQL Server, Oracle
  • COTS packages – None
  • Microsoft Word 6.0 or higher is required to receive reports exported from the database, but not required to generate or print reports


  • Supports many common configurations including a local area network (LAN), peer-to-peer network or stand alone computers
  • Hosting options
    • MS Access on LAN
      • Most common implementation
      • Security provided through network administration policies
      • Easy to administer, very little IT support required
      • Data not encrypted between client and the database
      • No license required for MS Access
    • MS SQL Server or Oracle
      • Security maintained by database
      • Data between client and database can be encrypted
      • Requires trained database administrator
      • Requires license for database software
      • Can be used over the Internet
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