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FedSelect – Purchasing

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Fielding FedSelect - the Federal Government's Product of Choice

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There are three ways to purchase FedSelect

  1. Get a quote by contacting our sales representative
  2. GSA schedule GS00F268CA
  3. DISA BPA HC1028-15-A-0005

Labor Category Rates

  18 August 2015 to 17 August 2020
Labor Category Hourly Daily
Consultant (PI) $176.83 $1,414.64
Junior Consultant (PI) $144.21 $1,153.68

Pricing for SIN 874-5 (Support Products)

No. Description Price
PR-1.0 FedSelect Unrestricted Software – Access $11,736
PR-2.0 FedSelect Unrestricted Software – Oracle $23,471
PR-3.0 FedSelect Annual Maintenance – Access $5,868
PR-4.0 FedSelect Annual Maintenance – Oracle $11,736
PR-6.0 Source Selection Facility with FedSelect (Five-Day) $4,889
PR-6.1 Per Day Over Five Days $977
PR-6.2 Per Day Per User Over Six Users $49
PR-7.0 Source Selection Facility without FedSelect (Five-Day) $3,667
PR-7.1 Per Day Over Five Days $733
PR-7.2 Per Day Per User Over Six Users $49
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