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FedSelect - Components

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Fielding FedSelect - the Federal Government's Product of Choice

FedSelect Main MenuFedSelect supports source selection and proposal evaluation with four distinct functional modules

  1. Administration
  2. Evaluation
  3. Consensus
  4. Reports


The Administration Module is where the contracting officer or specialist enters the Request for Proposal (RFP) and source selection specific information, creating the evaluation forms. FedSelect will guide contracting officers and specialists through organized forms to input factors, significant sub-factors, rating methodologies and other options to tailor to the evaluations forms for any type of evaluation (i.e., simplified acquisition, commercial purchase, Federal Supply Schedule purchase and full and open competition).

The idea is to eliminate or minimize retyping of information by copying portions of the RFP or Statement of Work (SOW) that has already been issued and pasting them directly into FedSelect. This process will result in no loss of data, and you can be sure your technical evaluators will be rating the criteria exactly as it is described in your RFP.

Also, FedSelect may be used to streamline the acquisition process during the acquisition planning phase by assisting members of the evaluation team in creating the evaluation criteria. Factors and significant sub-factors can be created in FedSelect, and then exported electronically for inclusion in the solicitation.


The Evaluation Module is where the technical evaluation team enters comments, identifies proposal strengths and weaknesses, and assigns an individual rating. Evaluator forms are tailored to the specific evaluation factors in which the individual evaluator is responsible for assessing. Evaluators are guided to develop and document strength and weakness statements, assign factor ratings and develop rationale summaries.

In addition, FedSelect allows evaluators to draft questions and deficiency statements, which the contracting officer may decide to transmit to the offerors for clarification or in preparation for discussions. The evaluation criteria are always at the evaluator's fingertips and inputs are saved and compiled automatically giving the evaluation team the tools they need to focus on the merits of each proposal.


The Consensus Module is where the Source Selection Evaluation Team reviews individual assessments and consolidates this evaluation data to reach a consensus. The key advantage of FedSelect is that it allows for an instantaneous and comprehensive view of all evaluators' assessments and the ability to enter into the consensus phase immediately after completing the individual evaluations. This module has easy-to-use pull-down menus which filter data to facilitate a systematic disposition of each finding.


The Reports Module is where real time reports can be generated during all phases of the evaluation. All data entered into FedSelect can be viewed and printed out in easy to understand preformatted reports. FedSelect provides a graphic, matrix type display of all offerors, factors and ratings/scores to present a big picture status of the evaluation. In support of paperless initiatives the contracting officer and other permitted personnel (e.g., general council) can monitor the completeness and quality of the evaluation online.

Evaluation data can also be exported into MS Word, MS Excel or PDF files as needed for inclusion in your final briefings and reports.

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