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FedSelect Proposal Evaluation/Source Selection Support Tool

Find out more on how the CACI Acquistion Support Group can help you!

Fielding FedSelect - the Federal Government's Product of Choice

FedSelect is a low-cost software tool, created by acquisition specialists for acquisition specialists, that standardizes the proposal evaluation phase of a source selection.

By providing clear and consistent structure to any competitive procurement, this easy-to-learn tool enables evaluators to document their strength, weakness, and deficiency comments and their ratings and rationale electronically in one data file. Additionally, it allows contracting officers and specialists to monitor the progress of an evaluation and move directly from individual evaluations to consensus. Documentation is complete and traceable, from evaluation comments to the final decision document.

How Can FedSelect Help You?

  • Facilitates quicker and less costly evaluations – agency clients report up to a 25% cost and time savings during the evaluation process
  • Extremely flexible – allows for color, adjectival, and numerical rating methodologies, plus variations of evaluator comment types, advisor roles, past performance assessments, and evaluation notices to Offerors
  • Supports FAR Parts 8, 12, 13, and 15 acquisitions
  • Produces reports that provide Source Selection Authorities with all the necessary information to prepare recommendations, reports, or decision documents

Two Versions to Fit Your Needs

  • Desktop: FedSelect 4.1
    • A desktop version available as both a file-server (MS Access) and client-server (SQL) application
    • User-friendly interface compatible with Windows XP or later
  • Online: FedSelect Web
    • A new online tool that allows remote evaluators to access it from any location with an internet connection
    • Only Internet Explorer® 8 or later is required (does not require installation of an application on a workstation)
    • User-friendly interface is similar to the desktop version and provides the same source selection support capabilities

Acquisition Support Services

In addition to FedSelect, our services include expert consultation, guidance and training over the following functional processes:

  • Acquisition planning support (documentation of acquisition strategy decision, J&As, and/or D&Fs)
  • Acquisition management services (acquisition lifecycle and acquisition policy)
  • Acquisition automation (implementation and support) and program management

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