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SPS PD2 Training
SPS PD<sup>2</sup> Training
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SPS PD2 Training Course Descriptions

All of our courses are suitable and customizable for both new and advanced users. If desired, we can make best practice recommendations, aid in business process reviews, create custom documentation and provide on-site, over-the shoulder training support after class for both contract specialists and system administrators.

For all SPS PD2 Training inquires, email us at Please find below a list of our standard and specialized courses.


Standard Courses
Class TitleDescriptionLength (Days)
PD2 ContractsA cradle-to-grave Standard Procurement System (SPS) course for new and experienced Procurement Desktop-Defense (PD2) users. The class employs real-world scenarios in accordance with the current regulatory and e-business environments. Coursework includes examination of requirements documents, issuing solicitations, awards and modifications, and closing out contracts. Procurement Instruments detailed include Purchase Orders (POs), contracts, delivery orders and task orders, and Contract Action Reports (CARs).4
PD2 System AdministrationA comprehensive, functional Standard Procurement System (SPS) System Administration course focusing on successful maintenance of Procurement Desktop-Defense (PD2) Security Models, template creation and maintenance, general desktop setup, Clause Database, standard data and reference library installers, and vendor and organization maintenance. 4
Specialized Courses
Class TitleDescriptionLength (Days)
PD2 IDIQ Contracting Training for Services & ConstructionAn advanced Standard Procurement System (SPS) course focusing on the development and administration of flexible, easy-to-use IDIQ contracts for Services and Construction using the DoD's Procurement Desktop-Defense (PD2) software. Coursework includes development of basic IDIQ contracts, plus delivery and task orders, modifications, the applications of incremental funding, multiple LOAs, and more. Instruction utilizes real-world scenarios in accordance with the current regulatory and e-business environments.4
PD2 for ManagersA one-day Standard Procurement System (SPS) overview for Managers and Contracting Officers focusing on reviewing and releasing contracts in Procurement Desktop-Defense (PD2). Instruction utilizes real world scenarios in accordance with the current regulatory and e-business environments.1
PD2 Adapter (Basic Course)The three-day PD2 Adapter Course introduces PD2 SAs and users to the PD� Adapter and its functionality. The course addresses the purpose, terminology, components of, and processes within PD2 Adapter, how to manage critical configuration settings, write Structured Query Language (SQL) queries, extract and insert XML files, use the webMethods platform and Trading Networks console, troubleshoot problems, and manage the daily/monthly tasks required to keep the PD2 Adapter environment running smoothly.3
PD2 AdapterThis hands-on, three-day Standard Procurement System (SPS) technical course focuses on the practical use and administration of the Procurement Desktop-Defense (PD2) Adapter environment. Course includes service specific information, legacy integrations, and troubleshooting. 3
PD2 Technical Course - PD2 Adapter & DBAA combined Standard Procurement System (SPS) technical class covering both the Procurement Desktop-Defense (PD2) Adapter environment and basic Database Administration (DBA). The first three days of this hand-on course focus on the practical use and administration of the PD2 Adapter environment. Course includes service specific information, legacy integrations, and troubleshooting. The rest of the course outlines basic PD2 Database Administration, including typical daily, weekly and monthly tasks, troubleshooting, backing up and restoring data, and more.5
PD2 Simplified AcquisitionA three-day Standard Procurement System (SPS) cradle-to-grave course focusing on using Simplified Acquisition Procedures (SAP) in the DoD's Procurement Desktop-Defense (PD2) software. Coursework follows SAP procurements from analysis of requirements documents to solicitations, Purchase Orders, GSA/FSS orders, modifications, Blanket Purchase Agreements, agreement orders, and Contract Action Reports (CARs).3
PD2 Refresher TrainingThis three-day Standard Procurement System (SPS) course is designed for returning users of the DoD's Procurement Desktop-Defense (PD2) software, or for users assigned new duties in PD2. Tailored to the needs of specific students or sites, coursework will include desktop orientation, setting preferences, creation and issuance of procurement documents and attachments, and other topics as requested. 3
Report WritingThis course is intended for Super-Users or System Administrators responsible for building, importing, and maintaining reports in PD2. Students learn how to maximize the capabilities of Impromptu to run or modify standard reports and develop ad-hoc reports to collect data from PD2 regarding Contract Action Reports (CARs), workload, award values, and other information available in the reporting catalog. Students also learn to troubleshoot suspicious report results and save report results in a variety of electronic formats.4
DBMSThis course is intended for database administrators with a working knowledge of the Sybase Central and SQL Advantage software packages. Students learn and practice writing Structured Query Language (SQL) statements and manage the PD2 database(s). They also gain an understanding of configuration settings and system procedures, and learn advanced database maintenance procedures using Sybase Central and SQL Advantage. NOTE: It is strongly recommended that personnel take the online DBM course (SPS 106) before attending this instructor-led training.4
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