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Special Announcement

November 8, 2019

Veterans Day 2019: Honoring Those Who Proudly Serve Our Country

On Veterans Day, CACI gives a special and heartfelt thanks to veterans for their service to our country, as well as to those who continue to serve through the National Guard and Reserves.

CACI stands very proud of our rich tradition of recruiting and hiring veterans. With nearly 7,900 veteran employees in our ranks today, including almost 1,900 disabled veterans, we recognize their history of patriotism, personal sacrifice, and commitment to keeping our nation safe.

CACI’s veteran employees bring vigilance, good character, and dedication to the company, adding great value to our work force and making positive contributions to our customers’ national security missions with innovation, expertise, and technology. CACI supports veterans and servicemembers transitioning from the military through our award-winning veterans hiring program, and CACI’s Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG) makes impactful contributions to the veterans community.

To commemorate Veterans Day, CACI President and CEO John Mengucci, accompanied by the VERG, will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery on Sunday, November 10 as a solemn tribute to all veterans past and present.

CACI remains committed to providing mission and enterprise solutions to all branches of the Armed Service. Veterans, CACI joins all Americans in thanking you for your service.

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