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Special Announcement

July 14, 2015

Eighth Asymmetric Threat Symposium Report Now Available

Report Highlights Significant Threats to American Security, Technological Superiority

The Association of Old Crows (AOC), CACI International Inc, and the Center for Security Policy (CSP) are pleased to announce the release of Cyber, Electronic Warfare, and Critical Infrastructure Strategies for National Security, the report of the eighth symposium in the Asymmetric Threat symposia series co-sponsored by AOC, CACI, and CSP.

Summarizing discussions from the symposium held under the Chatham House rule of non-attribution, this report considers how the United States might be affected should its critical infrastructure fail as the result of an attack or natural disaster, the role cyber and electronic warfare play in infrastructure protection, and what steps are being taken to improve America’s resilience in the face of those threats. Copies of the report may be downloaded from the dedicated Asymmetric Threat Symposium website,

Held at the Gannett Conference Center in McLean, Virginia, the pro-bono symposium featured keynote remarks from the Honorable Suzanne Spaulding, Undersecretary for the National Security Protection and Programs Directorate at the Department of Homeland Security, and Maj Gen Jeff Newell, USAF, Director of Strategy, Policy and Plans (J5) at North American Aerospace Defense Command and United States Northern Command. Panel discussions included leaders and experts from government, academia, industry, and the military, and focused on the indispensable role of cyber, electromagnetic spectrum dominance, and electronic warfare measures in defending the United States and its critical cyber infrastructure as well as assuring U.S. military operational superiority.

America’s way of life and political, diplomatic, military, and economic position in the world are dependent on the continuous operation of a highly complex, deeply interdependent infrastructure. Beyond roads and bridges, critical infrastructure includes such entities as the electrical power grid, hospitals and medical systems, and financial institutions. Undergirding all of it is cyberspace, and the network of technologies it enables. The report examines the vulnerabilities of America’s critical infrastructure to physical and electronic attacks, the steps that have been taken to harden infrastructure so far, and the work that remains to be done in the future.

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