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CACI Terms and Acronyms
ADCS The Automated Data Capture System (ADCS) is a user friendly, interactive mobile computing system. Originally developed for the aviation maintenance industry, inspectors use menu driven checklists plus digital aircraft and engine drawings during inspection and evaluation.
BMD The CACI Business Management Division (BMD) has in-depth contracting and technical expertise backed by many years of experience and more than 200 acquisition professionals.
CACI The original name of the company was California Analysis Center, Inc. In 1967 the company was renamed Consolidated Analysis Centers, Inc. The company name was officially changed to CACI, Inc. in 1973. In recognition of our growing International business we became CACI International Inc in 1986.
CACI Integrated Communications CACI Integrated Communications offers precision strategies, turnkey programs and a diverse portfolio of creative media products for government, commercial and entertainment clients.
My CACI CACI's intranet site.
ComprizonTM.Buy CACI's integrated, off-the-shelf standard automated contracting system provides clients an automated and efficient way to complete procurement activities.
ComprizonTMSuite An integrated acquisition management system that streamlines the process from requisition through contract/purchase order closeout.
Core Capabilities CACI's extensive portfolio of solutions and services. These are fully developed capabilities that reside throughout CACI.
Data Network Plus CACI's program that provides services for approximately 40,000 U.S. Coast Guard personnel, offering connectivity between Coast Guard locations within the U.S. and the Coast Guard's host computer resources.
DRM CACI's document and records management (DRM) offerings integrate imaging, document and records management, workflow and web distribution.
Excellence+ CACI's project performance assessment program to measure overall customer satisfaction to ensure Quality Client Service and Best Value in our products and services.
HighVIEW® Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX) CACI's application that enables automated solutions for the capture, transformation, organization and discovery of data, information and knowledge.
KM One of CACI's Star Distinctions, Knowledge Management uses tools and processes to manage document collections.
OMEGA Designed and developed specifically as a web-based document management system to support the unique needs of government litigation.
Process Analysis A CACI Star Distinction, this is a methodology and toolset for enhancing business processes and information systems.
Product Data Management One of the CACI Star Distinctions, this shared data, decision support infrastructure consists of all processes and data required to manage a product over its lifecycle.
RENovateSM CACI's proprietary systems reengineering methodology.
RM Online A web-based and client/server application that simplifies and enhances budget management for federal government customers. A CACI Star Distinction.
SIMPROCESS® A hierarchical, business process simulator that combines process mapping, discrete event simulation and Activity Based Costing (ABC) in a single tool. Part of our Modeling and Simulation Star Distinction.
SIMSCRIPT CACI's procedural simulation language for building large scale, complex simulation models. It provides a free form, English like syntax and built in facilities for interactive graphics and animation. Part of our Modeling and Simulation Star Distinction.
SPS The DoD Standard Procurement System (SPS), deployed using our Procurement Desktop-Defense (PD2) application.
Star Distinction A CACI proprietary product or process that provides a critical discriminator between CACI and its competitors.
Systems Reengineering A CACI Star Distinction for decomposing and reengineering systems, built around the RENovate methodology.
Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) CACI's application that gives government contractors a web-based enterprise solution for managing all invoices and payments with the DoD.
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