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CACI Recertified for SEI Level 3 Software Maturity

CACI Headquarters - Arlington, VA

Software Development Capability Recognized

CACI has been recertified against the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model and found to meet the requirements for practicing at SEI's Level 3. The evaluation confirmed that the division's software organization and processes demonstrate compliance with internationally recognized standards for software development processes. Fewer than 20% of the organizations that have been assessed in the last ten years have achieved or surpassed this standing.

For CACI clients it means greater assurance that target goals will be met accurately, effectively, on time and within budget. Organizations rated at higher maturity levels have been shown to have more predictable and successful project deliveries and are rated higher in customer satisfaction.

The Capability Maturity Model was developed by SEI in response to government demands for ways to evaluate software suppliers beyond the simple low bidder criteria. It sets five levels of capability. Each level identifies Key Process Areas that the supplier must master to move to the next level. Level 3 builds on the project management practices of Level 2 by strengthening practices for product engineering and creating organization level capabilities to support project execution.

In creating the Capability Maturity Model the SEI consolidated the inputs of thousands of professionals around the world. SEI also created assessment and evaluation, maintaining tight control over these mechanisms through a licensing and certification program. CACI was assessed by Technical Assessments Inc., an SEI trained and certified evaluator.

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