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CACI Places in Forbes Magazine's The 25 Fast and Furious

CACI Headquarters - Arlington, VA

CACI placed in Forbes magazine's 2004 list of the 25 technology companies with exceptional growth and recent profits. Forbes searched through nearly 2500 publicly traded U.S. technology stocks, looking for companies with outstanding five-year annualized sales growth as well as consistent year-over-year sales growth of 10% or more in the same period. From there they looked for profitable firms with revenues of at least $25M and sales growth of 10% or better in the latest 12 months.

Other companies on the list included Anteon International, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Ebay, Genentech, MedImmune, Nextel Communications, Symantec and WebEx Communications.

The Forbes listing was published on February 16, 2004.

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