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CACI's Missions
American eagle

America's missions are our missions. For more than 50 years we have been driven by a company-wide commitment to our nation.

In doing so, we remain Ever Vigilant in support of our nation's vital priorities.

Vigilance has many faces at CACI. In readiness. In execution. And in maintaining our place as a national asset for

  • Thought leadership that guides effective technology and enterprise directions for the future.
  • Innovative solutions to meet information, systems and network needs when and where they are required worldwide.
  • World class professionals who are committed to the success of the missions they serve.
  • Integrity in every facet of our business and performance.
  • A focus on value for our shareholders and our customers.

At CACI we also do our part each day. In fact, our motto Ever Vigilant is more meaningful today than it has ever been. It echoes our support for America's defense, intelligence and law enforcement agencies in the war on terrorism... it represents our unwavering commitment to all our clients. Constant vigilance in all things is, after all, a necessary prerequisite for the vital role CACI plays in providing the U.S. government with critically needed IT and network solutions that support America's highest priorities in national security, intelligence, homeland security and government transformation.

But no matter what we are able to contribute, we never forget that warfighting remains the duty of the brave men and women in uniform. They are the people that we work so hard to support. They are the ones, in the end, who do the fighting. They are the ones, ultimately, who risk their lives, so that the rest of us can live in a free nation. They are our country's newest generation of heroes.

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