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Stops UAS Threats to Valuable Assets and National Airspace

CACI's SkyTrackerTM unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) solution is a new, precision system to protect high-value assets and support public safety against the escalating threat posed by the inadvertent or unlawful misuse of UAS.

The SkyTracker system accurately and reliably detects, identifies, and tracks UAS threats. This proprietary CACI technology has been demonstrated to address a variety of UAS threat scenarios. The system is widely applicable, from protecting airports to safeguarding critical infrastructure or events – anywhere UAS pose a potential risk to people or assets. SkyTracker provides continuous, automated monitoring, day or night, in any weather condition. This system has the unique capability to identify and locate both the UAS and its ground operator, improving responders' ability to act in incidents of inadvertent or unlawful misuse.

Unlike other technologies, SkyTracker provides passive detection that does not interfere with legitimate electronics or communications systems in the area, or with UAS that are being operated responsibly as determined by the U.S. government.

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