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OPTARSS (Operations, Planning, Training and Resource Support Services) and OPTARSS II

Operations, Planning, Training and Resource Support Services (OPTARSS) provides a fast, easy vehicle for doing business with the U.S. Army and any DoD customer. It is an IDIQ contract available for use by DoD, but focused on Army use. The current contract includes use by every major Army command.

Benefits to the customer include

  • Quick turnaround on task orders
  • Pre-qualified and streamlined group of prime contractors with a strong team of subcontractors
  • Extremely competitive pricing, no pass-through rates for government use
  • Authorization for use decentralized to Installation level
  • Standardized, easy to understand process for task orders
  • Worldwide geographical and task coverage

What value does Team CACI offer?

As the prime contractor, CACI offers years of hands-on experience in all OPTARSS task areas, as well as in-depth familiarity with the Army's mission.

  • Comprehensive – each team member brings a unique set of proven capabilities
  • Performance-Based – provides maximum schedule and solution flexibility
  • Effortless
  • Program Management Expertise - Flawless execution - CACI held the largest number of task orders and task order value under OPTARSS I.

The OPTARSS II IDIQ is a 5-year contract extending through March 2016. Task Order types are FFP, T&M/LH, and CPFF with an overall contract ceiling of $2.5B. There is an unrestricted suite with 13 primes and a restricted suite for SB with 22 primes. The unrestricted suite supports task orders with an annual value exceeding $2M annually or $10M or greater over five years.

Primary Task Areas

  • Task 1: Operational Planning
  • Task 2: Training
  • Task 3: Modeling and Simulation - Included are mission command training support for virtual, constructive, and gaming activities in the integrated training environment
  • Task 4: Flight Operations
  • Task 5: Mobilization Plans and Execution
  • Task 6: Deployment Operations
  • Task 7: Force Protection Program
  • Task 8: Transformation

Supporting Task Areas

  • Task 1: C2 Information Systems Management
  • Task 2: Program Management Process
  • Task 3: Organizational Support
  • Task 4: Task Order Management

Eligible Buyers

  • All Army buyers and may be extended to all DoD buyers
  • FORSCOM sponsored IDIQ with emphasis on use by FORSCOM Installations
  • Applicable to Joint Operations as well
  • Capable of adding new teammates on a task-by-task basis (temporary) and permanently during "open" seasons that occur twice a year - March and October

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