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NAVSEA SeaPort-e Quality Assurance Program

CACI has a long-standing commitment to “Quality and Best Value”. Fundamental to this commitment is our corporate policy statement, which clearly delineates our philosophy, responsibilities, and authorities for quality assurance. The purpose of our Quality Policy is to communicate our expectations to optimize customer satisfaction, manage risks, and achieve operational excellence. The foundation of our Quality Assurance Program is the core component of our ISO 9001:2015 registered Quality Management System (QMS) and additionally incorporates elements of ISO 20000, ISO 27000, Agile, CMMI-SVC, CMMI-DEV, the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), Six Sigma, and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Our defined and repeatable processes provide a comprehensive and detailed management approach for an effective, process-driven, transparent management organization to drive efficiency. The framework of our processes is known as Delivery+. CACI has evolved our delivery practices over the past 50 years by refining and tailoring them to our customers’ specific environments through successful execution of programs with the Federal Government and integration with several industry-proven best practices frameworks and standardized them into one framework, Delivery +.

NAVSEA SeaPort-3 Delivery+

Delivery+ is an adaptive and integrated project delivery framework that provides project teams with processes, guidance, tools, templates, and examples to help them define and improve project processes, leading to reduced risk and improved performance. Through the Delivery+ framework, CACI provides our program with guidance and support to help us incorporate CACI and industry best practices into our process improvement efforts. CACI exhibits several examples of hands-on experience in executing according to industry best practices. Through Delivery+, we have access to these extensive resources and processes performing at high standards across the company, which helps define and improve our processes on this program.

Components of Delivery+
At a high level, Delivery+ includes a set of activities that ensure operational excellence: scope the project, focus the team, deliver client value, and improve performance. The figure below shows examples of some of the activities performed and the iterative nature of Delivery+.

NAVSEA SeaPort-3 DeliveryDetails

As shown in the upper right quadrant, scoping the project involves capturing the customer’s requirements and planning the program to meet those requirements. Focusing the team (shown in the lower right of the figure) involves using existing procedures and developing new procedures to meet customer requirements. Delivering client value focuses on delivering project requirements and ensuring those deliverables meet customer requirements per the contract. Improving performance identifies and implements process improvements through analysis of program metrics and customer feedback. CACI plans for and proactively implements process/performance improvement in everything we do. The framework steps a project through the entire project execution lifecycle to assist with establishing the processes tailored for that specific project and its customers.

Performance Management Process
We initiate our quality assurance program at contract award, establishing standards for all aspects of support and defining objectives for measuring and monitoring our performance, whether at the contract or Task Order level.
Our performance management process, depicted in the figure below, provides our methodology for deficiency identification and ensures we achieve our quality targets by applying clearly defined monitoring and inspection techniques throughout contract execution. This process contains three key functions:

  • Establish quality criteria and standards for performance
  • Measure and report on actual performance and analyze results against quality targets established to identify trends
  • Take steps to enhance and improve overall performance.

SeaPort-3 Performance Process

Internal Project Management Review Process
CACI’s internal monthly Project Management Review (PMR) process reports on program progress, identify risks and issues, and provides CACI’s Executive Management Team with an overall assessment of contract and TO performance in seven key areas: Cost, Scope, Schedule, Customer Satisfaction, Quality, Staffing, and Supplier Assurance. These reviews provide for a consistent dialogue with our management team and ensure we actively monitor performance. Our PM, with information and assistance from other personnel, conducts a monthly performance assessment for each measure and provides a rating of green, yellow, or red using defined criteria. Any measure rated yellow or red requires a detailed return-to-green plan that describes actions taken to address the issue and must be briefed to our Chief Operations Officer (COO).

Customer Feedback
Ongoing feedback is imperative to ensuring that we are meeting performance expectations and to identifying opportunities for improvement. CACI employs many techniques for soliciting valuable feedback from our customers, analyzing the data, and incorporating it in program delivery. We foster open and honest communication among all stakeholders, and facilitate it through all our interactions: one-on-one communication, participation in status meetings, and other informal methods for receiving feedback.

We use multiple communication methods and tools to interact with the customer and obtain feedback to include our Excellence+ program as our closed-loop customer satisfaction program. Excellence+ is part of CACI’s continuous efforts to improve the quality of our products and services where a neutral third party performs annual Excellence+ customer surveys at the contract and TO level. The Excellence+ methodology and questions asked of customers are similar to the DoD Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS). We perform these surveys on large/complex contracts and TOs, providing a regular check on our overall program performance. Excellence+ assessments provide objective measurements of customer satisfaction to help us improve our processes, identify and resolve problems quickly, and measure trends in our performance over time. Negative customer feedback or areas for improvement in any of six measured areas (quality, timeliness, cost control, business practices, customer satisfaction, and key personnel) trigger mandatory corrective action and customer follow-up.

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