Information Technology Enterprise Solutions - 2 Services
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Hank Valentine

ITES-2S Task Areas
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Enterprise Design
  • Systems O&M


HBCU/MI is a consortium of historically black colleges and universities, minority institutions, associate colleges and universities, and a support system of high tech small businesses. The mission of the HBCU/MI Project Office (HPO) is to function as an honest broker liaison between the HBCU/minority institutions and governments and prime contractors.

The HPO benefits its member institutions by providing an expert cadre to monitor, solicit and manage high-dollar government and prime contractor contractual opportunities on behalf of its member institutions while serving as one-stop shopping for the funding agencies. Through the efforts of the HPO, small and mid-sized educational institutions are able to participate in large scale, high tech research and training projects that benefit students, faculty and the institutions themselves by providing unencumbered funds.

The HPO operates through two divisions

  1. Historically Black/Minority Institution Research Alliance (HMIRA)
  2. Alliance for Delivering National Academia Courses (ADNAC)

The two divisions collaborate and function in concert with one another as the contract demands and/or the funding agency requires. The HPO is a virtual organization utilizing state-of-the-art secure technology to tap the fluid resources of its member institutions and safety net support companies to accomplish its mission. The HPO has facilitated over $35M in contracts for its member institutions since 1998.