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GSA Office, Imaging and Document Solutions Schedule Services

51-504 - Records Management Services

File Organization And File Maintenance Services - provides intellectual and physical support to enable the government control of documents or information. It includes the organization of sophisticated documents or information placing them into a simplified filing system in accordance with an ordering agency's needs to improve their existing work environment. Generally, it includes gathering documents and data to be scanned and indexed into a digitized format. However, an ordering agency may simply require updating to an existing file system, maintenance of documents or filing existing documents or information into a storage media for shipping.

51-506 - Document Conversion Services

Document conversion consists of scanning document images and converting them into electronic digital data, which is then transferred into a new format, and media for use in a document imaging, retrieval and storage system. This SOW addresses the "back file and day-forward conversion" of documents, which includes both file and data format and media conversion. It does not include data processing and communications equipment (e.g., digital computers, display devices, software, LAN/WAN networks) which may be employed in a document imaging, retrieval and storage system.

The types of DCS may include, but are not limited to

  • Index data migration
  • Project evaluation or discovery
  • Optical mark scanning (OMR)
  • PDF electronic file forms
  • Web hosting (AS)

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51-508 - Litigation Support Services

Litigation Support Services encompasses a wide range of services that aid attorneys and other professional staff members in the task of obtaining, organizing, analyzing and presenting evidence or materials for trials, judgments, lawsuits, settlements or other legal matters. Through the use of reproduction equipment, computer data processing, image management, geographical information systems and other technologies, litigation materials are effectively organized to enable rapid location by an agency's staff. The contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment and supplies for the performance of litigation support services (LSS).

Certain types of services are not included under this contract

  • Paralegal services
  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Other professional labor categories that may be construed as legal services or professional support for legal services are not included and will not be procured under this SIN

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