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Scientific Equipment and Services GS-07F-0516W (Schedule 66) Products

602-40 Avionics Test Equipment

The CACI Common Bench-top Automatic Test System (CBATS) testers are universal, full featured, stand alone systems test products. The units are packaged in a small footprint. They are capable of supporting diagnostic and acceptance test requirements for a wide assortment of avionics instrumentation, flight computers and other electronic assemblies with application for both civil and military aerospace vehicles.

The CBATS testers have been designed to allow customer specialization of end item testing with unique Test Program Set (TPS) products that would be independently developed for each specific end item Unit Under Test (UUT) application. While the CBATS tester system is common, each end item TPS has unique interface requirements as well as its own test procedures that require distinct software and interface cables. There are other unique physical interfaces that may have to be addressed as a part of the Test Program Set. The Test Program Set can be provided by the customer, developed by CACI or developed by other vendors based on the CBATS interface documentation.

There are two models of the CBATS testers (Model 101 and 201) currently fielded in various depot and back-shop environments. They were selected based on the specific test requirements for the UUT.

CBATS Tester Functional Test Capabilities

Capability Model 101 Model 201
PXI slot-0 Chassis Controller
Switching Capability (Signal and Power)
High Speed Digital Multi-meter
Data Acquisition (16 Channels)
Programmable Voltage Outputs
Counter/Timer Functions
Programmable DC Outputs (8 channels)  
Programmable DC Outputs (3 channels)  
Adjustable 400 HZ AC Power (Single Phase)
Synchro Outputs (115 VAC Ref)
Synchro Outputs (26 VAC Ref)  
FPGA Module with Analog and Digital I/O  
Differential Instrumentation Amplifier (2 channels)  
High Speed Digitizer (Oscilloscope)  
Fixed +28 VDC Power  
Multiple External USB expansion ports
Automated self-test software and hardware adapters
Calibration software

Service/Support - Included Services

As a part of each product sale, CACI will provide technical support telephonically or by email as provided for below in the Points of Contact Section below for 60 days after delivery of a unit. This is intended primarily as a service to our customers to assist in resolving any issues with making the unit fully operational and ensure proper systems installations.

Delivery and Acceptance

CACI applies the following criteria for acceptance of the CBATS as a part of the standard pricing.

CACI assumes appropriate facilities and customer furnished items as applicable will be available to support acceptance testing. Acceptance testing will be completed by the customer upon receipt of the test system and includes the following criteria

  • Successful inventory of all items
  • Inspection of all items to ensure no external shipping damage occurred
  • Successful execution of system self-test software
  • Successful calibration of the test system

CBATS pricing described below include delivery to a CONUS location only.

CACI will determine the most efficient means of delivering systems to their acceptance destination.

Standard delivery times will vary based on the contents of each order; however, typical delivery times are 16 weeks after receipt of order for four units or less. Estimates for delivery time for more than four units will be provided upon request.

Points of Contact

Information of a technical nature, to include warranty determinations shall be requested by either calling the telephone number below or submitting requests to the email address below

Contact the CACI GSA Order Office for additional information

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