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Acquisition Support Group
Acquisition Support Group
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Capabilities - Policy Implementation, Development

The CACI Acquisition Support Group (ASG) is the ultimate resource for federal government acquisition policy support

  • Navy lead for DoD I 5000.2
  • Policy advisors to the Missile Defense Agency
  • Policy advisors to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Developed the logic for Procurement Desktop – Defense (PD2) Automated Clause Selection
  • Work with the Technical Support Activity and the SPS subcommittee of the DAR Council to develop and implement new logic in PD2
  • Maintain the PD2 reference library

We provide daily acquisition policy support to several large government organizations. Our staff understands policy creation, coordination, and execution. We leverage our staff's years of policy experience to create innovative approaches to acquisition policy.

CACI is also expert in the execution of policy, including the support necessary to analyze changes necessitated by policy changes and incorporating them into contracting systems.

We provide all contract policy support necessary to ensure that the Standard Procurement System (SPS) software solution, Procurement Desktop - Defense (PD2), is consistent with regulatory changes in the FAR and DFARS. CACI personnel are permanently invited guests to all SPS Subcommittee meetings and are voting members of the SPS Clause Logic subcommittee. We also provide all the updates to the PD2 reference library.

Why is CACI Your Best Choice for Acquisition Policy Support?

We Have:

  • Experience in all phases of acquisition policy supporting staff functions throughout the federal government
  • Designed the logic behind the Automated Clause Selection functionality of PD2
  • Been granted permanent visitor status to SPS Subcommittee meetings to provide functional guidance so PD2 functionality is current with FAR and DFARS direction
  • Been granted member status on the SPS Clause Logic subcommittee

We Continue To:

  • Monitor the Federal Register and other publications for proposed, interim, or final changes in regulations
  • Provide all changes to documents maintained in the PD2 Reference Library within 10 working days of public announcement of the changes
  • Work with various contact points for all the military services and DoD agencies to ensure that PD2 functionality, both current and future, is consistent with good business practices and policies
  • Assist many PD2 user sites and commands in developing the clause logic to fully implement local clauses into the PD2 clause logic engine
  • Advise the prime contractor on procurement issues relative to the interpretation and implementation of guidance for changes to PD2 received from the Joint Requirements Board and Program Management Office

Our Experience and Credentials

  • Our staff includes former contracting officers from federal civilian agencies, the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps with procurement experience in all types of DoD contracting
    • Both pre- and post-award
    • In the U.S. and overseas
  • Several members of the staff have had military assignments in the Office of the Director of Defense Procurement, DAR Council, military service secretariats, and major commands
  • We have written policy for the:
    • Assistant Secretary of the Navy
    • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
    • Missile Defense Agency
    • DoD Health Affairs
    • And others

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